A Shrine for the Day of the Dead


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This Shrine was created for an exhibition for the Day of the Dead which is held annually in Mullumbimby, where I live. I view death as a home coming and deep transformation of letting go of the “skin”and personal identification we have carried around a life time.

At the same time I like to honour and say thank you to our bodies and bones who have carried us through all the learning and insights on our way home. I have placed Dorothy’s shoes (Wizard of OZ) on the altar to remind us all that we are only three clicks away from being home. The piece of string representing the limited time we are given with each life. Above the entrance I placed some snake bones emphasising the deep transformation which is happening in the dying process.

I wanted the colours to be simple and textured so I mixed normal beach sand with acrylic paint and used different colourd layers to emphasise the texture. I use a battery driven candle in my shrine.

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