Dominique shares her shrine making weekend


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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been quite flat, so when the workshop began, I really was wondering if I could even engage with the process. On the first day, it became clear how disconnected I was, I had absolutely no idea as to do with my shrine. But with support I began anyway. By the end of the first day I had painted, my shrine and chosen a few decorations. But still I wasn’t sure about any of the choices.

That night I had a huge dream.

Next day I could feel something of a connection to the Shrine. I began working on shape and colour. As the day moved on and the Shrine began to develop, I could feel an inner sense of excitement, something that I hadn’t felt for quiet a few weeks. Most importantly I began to like my Shrine.

That night I took my Shrine home, found a place to display and spent some time admiring it. I was in fact smiling.

The next day, I felt much more engaged in my life. Actually I got to work on a project that I had for weeks had no interest.

I feel the whole process was very productive, it many ways. The actual structure of the Shrine was a very interesting aspect. As it felt more concrete, a lasting piece of work, something that I could reflect upon each day. Something I could add to, as I have over the last few days.

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