Multidimensional Shrine


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My Shrine is a focus point in time. It is held up by a copper rod hanging is space. It moves freely with the slightest breeze, this reminds me of the ever-changing world around and within me. I can observe my shrine all around, acknowledging all parts of my self, honoring the past, welcoming the future and most of all to be content in the now and excepting of what is. The copper rod symbolizes my connection with the spiritual world.

In Anthroposophical terms Copper belongs to the planet Venus, which stand for Love. Love is to me the core essence of life and since life and death walk hand in hand, in an ever-changing world, love most also belong to death.

The wings on the side of the shrine can hold up the new structure as it changes, I take comfort in trusting those wings are always there for me and for the rest of the world. The doors are wide open and can be shut at any times, when deeper contemplation is needed. There are bells listening to the beauty of music and calling in what one whishes for. There are colorful beads above and below and twelve golden stars, telling me; have pleasure in life and take it as it comes, have courage, faith and hope…

as the dance has begun.


Carina Halliday


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