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The  shrine that  I made, was  in a close familiar group  of established  women friends over a 2 day workshop with Claudia. It was  an inspiring and  evolving body of work. Sharing insights , laughter and stories of ourselves we  willingly laboured on, even after the workshop time frame had  finished at Claudia’s house.  Extra hours,  spent  tweeking, painting and decorating our individual shrines with care and attention to detail was  the norm.

Viewed everyday since:  it has been a focal point for me to greet as I enter my house, and the last thing I see on my exit.

It was lovingly created,  and has had many add on, take off  appendages,  morphing  over a period of 8 months.  I  sometimes write affirmations to myself, and place them inside my shrine, my partner, nature lover extreme,  loves to collect crystals, shells and rocks, and he too  places an offering on the shrine just for his own pleasure.

I placed a hand blown glass statuette of The Venus of Dolni an ancient goddess (earth Mother)  on the top of my shrine,  as it really was representational of the whole embodiment of my feminine self.

Whilst in Thailand in February, I took many photos of shrines, and was motivated to gather and collect  on my journey away,  travelling from Chiang Mai in the North to Phi Phi Island in the South I was quested to seek out “shrines”, and view  as many as I came across,  needless to say, it took me to many temples,  I become a pilgrim on an ecstatic journey.

Taking off on foot, with camera in tow,  getting bus trips , riding in  tuk tuk’s, all with the objective of  sight seeing, checking out  temples,  seeing some monks performing rituals,  as well as  lots of Thai local people, and various Hill  Tribes, and many.  many statues of  Buddha.

Ritual and incense was a “normal practise” that I observed, and one that I honoured to myself  as a pictorial journal.

The quest to devour  many and varied shrines  was on.  I returned back to Australia, even more  interested in culture, colour and mysticism.

I really enjoyed your workshop, Claudia, and say thanks again for a journey to and about myself.

Warm regards,


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