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I love stencils and stamps. The great thing about them is that you don’t need to be a painter or be very skilled person to get really good results. You can make your own stencils quite easily by tracing shapes from a book onto paper and then cut them. Or you can cut any  other shapes. Here I used my snowflakes I still had from Christmas (I used normal paper) and I used a little sponge to dab the colours on. It can be a little tricky to hold it down but with a little experimentation you will find your way. Since I decided to keep my stencils I painted them with impasto medium which made them a little heavier and easier to hold down. But it does work without it and each time you use it with paint they become more user friendly too.

stencil with sponchstencil snowflakes small

After my first experiments I made some shrine cards for a couple of friends and will use the ideas on my next shrine.

Below you see the first card I made (outside with doors and inside) using the snowflake as a stencil

Shrine card stencilInside of care

With the second card I used the actual snowflake and glued it onto the card.                     shrine card small)

So there are endless possibilities to paint your shrine without needing to be very skilled….you just need a curious open mind to experiment.


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